Faldet Marketing Inc. is a start up in Des Moines, Iowa. The founder, Chandler Faldet, started the company in 2016. We use local talent to develop brands and marketing strategies for businesses in and outside of Iowa.

“I saw a need in the marketplace for a digital marketing company for local businesses.” 

The Faldet Marketing Story

The story begins back in college. “How can I play a bigger part in a company’s marketing plan?” I would ask myself. If you work for an ad agency, you play a very small roll (media planner, account manager, etc…). I wanted to play a roll in every part of a company’s marketing strategy. After working for a small advertising agency as an account manager, and then as an account rep for a TV station, I was able to garner the client relationship skills, but I was always wanting to do more for my clients beyond the job requirements.

In 2016, I was able start my Faldet Marketing Inc. which offers a full suite of marketing services to the clients I work with. I love being the go-to marketing person for my clients, and they like having one person to go to for all things marketing related.

Besides working as a marketing consultant, I really pride myself in helping businesses with their digital needs. I stay up on the industry trends as it pertains to local businesses, and I am typically able to help my clients save a substantial amount of money by placing their online advertising for them while only charging a flat fee for my service.

I am always taking on new clients, so please reach out to me with any questions. I always give my prospective clients a free initial consultation.

Chandler Faldet
Chandler FaldetOwner
Chandler is originally from a small town in Northeast, Iowa called Cresco. He went to Iowa State University and graduated with a BA in Advertising. Since Graduating, he has worked in both the agency world and the media sales world and decided to start his own company in 2016.

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