Project Description

Your business is heading in the right direction, but now you may need even more marketing help. You want to add employees and more operations, but you want to make sure you have an uptick in leads to keep the growth moving in the right direction.

With Faldet Marketing’s expertise in online marketing, we can guarantee you will see an increase in people coming to your website, online inquiries or calls within the first month of working with us which will ultimately result in faster growth for your business.

Planning for growth


We begin by doing market research on your target audience. By creating an avatar to really understand your prospective customer, we can start to learn about how they spend their day.  This gives us the insight we need to develop a strategy to begin marketing to this group in the most affordable way.

Creative Process

Creative may be the most important aspect to your marketing plans. Today it is very important not to sell sell sell! We need to walk your customers through a strategic process which will give your business the best chance to develop a whole new customer base outside of your referral resources.

Media Planning

Media planning is a focus for Faldet Marketing. We are familiar with both traditional and digital platforms and will be able to put the best plan together for your business.

Reporting / Optimizing

The most fun aspect for Faldet Marketing is sitting down with our clients and showing the statistics of how a campaign did. We can compare different creative sets, digital platforms or any other variables to fine tune a campaign. By diving into the analytics, we have been able to improve campaigns over time and provide even better results as we continue to partner with our clients.

Research 25%
Creative Process 50%
Media Planning 75%
Reporting / Optimizing 100%

We’re Here To Help Your Business Take Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Affordability For Our Clients

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